how was your weekend?

really good/fun. we drove down to half moon bay for a barbeque. i remembered to put sunblock on my face, but totally forgot about my neck. it was overcast all day, but still really bright ...

[we have another all-day barbeque/pig roast fundraiser next weekend, so this time, i'll be prepared. either with a long-sleeve/high-neck shirt or at least sunblock all over. and sunglasses. and possibly a hat.

and about this pig roast thing ... it's a fundraiser this saturday (july 11 @ 12 noon) at lake merced to benefit the sf food bank. per person donation/access to all the good eats including 2 heritage pigs from clark summit farm, roasted on-site, is $30. and $2 raffle tickets for a bunch of really nice prizes. and for every $1 donated to the sf food bank, $9 of food is distributed to seniors and families and shelters! all are welcome.]