wholahit me one last time

so sad. dionne/wholahay/brown is off! i'm just as upset as she was when tyra pulled out natasha's photo instead of hers. loved it when she gave natasha the cold shoulder when she tried to give her a "sorry hug." (fourfour update cheered me up a little though)

she was totally my favorite and now we're left with renee, natasha and jaslene. boring! i don't even care which of them wins. i'm guessing it's jaslene though.


you are lying!

fourfour is getting a little lame. as is antm. but that's not to say that i'm going to stop reading nor stop watching. no, sir.

dionne is "fierce"!!

entry in the spiffee glossary: fourfour: weekly blog commentary on antm antm: acronym for america's next top model fierce!!!: how antm's host, tyra banks, describes a hot model


i feel pretty and witty and gay

people's off the rack wrote a blurb about cameron diaz going back to blonde. hello? what about her adorable dress at the premiere of shrek 3? it's a great example of the watermelon color i mentioned as one of my favorite spring details. other people might call it coral or salmon or pomegranate or guava or hibiscus. i like watermelon though because everyone knows what color watermelon is, and it's more on the reddish/pinkish side rather than the orange-y side.

"sources" say the dress is chanel, meaning it's not exactly an option for a regular weekend dress, but it is totally cute.