resort 2011: stella mccartney

if i could pull it off (i.e., if i were at least 6 inches longer in the neck/torso area), i'd totally wear this

picture from: style

resort 2011: erin fetherston

i'd like to add this to my regular rotation of party dresses

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my treehouse: the chandelier

i mulled over buying this nuevo bulle chandelier for at least a week since it was a little more than i wanted to spend. but i ended up getting it since i figured i would be able to bring it with me even to my next place.

so here it is installed. just the shell. took only 40 minutes to uninstall the ugly standard issue ceiling flush-mount fixture and install the pretty new chandelier.

then i had 187 of those little acrylic balls to attach to the frame.

another hour and a half or so later, all done! i considered getting a ceiling medallion to hide the paint circle, but realized it didn't bother me too much.

looking at it makes me smile =)

my treehouse: the slipcovers

in my head, making the slipcovers was only supposed to have taken a few days. instead, i think it took me 2 or 3 weeks to finish it all. way more involved than i had expected, particularly since the pieces of fabric were so huge. but i'm really happy with how they came out. and i got to spend some quality time with the sewing machine, and practice some stitches.

those little slits at the bottom corners are where the side rails of the bed hook into the headboard.

the awesome cream tweed from britex. and the clean corners i was so proud of.

and the blind stitch at the bottom hem, a stitch that i tried for the very first time.

so happy with it!


my treehouse: bedroom

didn't realize how different my bedroom looks until i looked back at the original pictures. so this is what it looked like when i first moved in. just a little too much of the dark details for such a small room.

so i made a slipcover for my headboard and footboard with cream tweed from britex fabrics. and installed my nuevo bulle chandelier.

and to soften the plantation shutters, installed some sheers i made with 100% silk with silver metallic polka dots from satin moon. and added another linen wing chair.

i love lying back on my bed and staring up at my chandelier, especially after a long day of working or running around the city.


my treehouse: the living room

i think i'm finally more or less happy with how my living room looks. for now. even though i still don't have dining chairs, which i don't even want to get into (60+ back-and-forth emails, calls and texts and still nothing!).

so i started out with just my sofa and desk the first week i moved in.

since then, i added an ikea expedit bookcase along the same wall as the desk. to fit all my random books and boxes. all that stuff got put into the empty bookcase on the right.

then added a 42" round pedestal dining table against the wall opposite the backyard double doors. and had the living room like that for 2.5 months. until my restoration hardware french wing chairs arrived! at which i point, i had to pretty much swap everything in the living room except the desk.

very happy with the layout now.


fun birthday purchases

made a couple fun purchases over my birthday weekend last week.

made my very first ever etsy purchase from decoylab: the kirie 01 clock. and it arrived exactly on time last monday!

and last saturday, went across the bridge to heath ceramic's open studio and sale, and picked up this cute little bud vase in a sample color, which i like to call starry night. and funny, i just noticed that my vase shows up on the right side of the heath blog post's picture. fun!