fun find: more!

i'm seriously hyperventilating over here from the cuteness ... forget the other miu miu flats. i want these. shoot. i need to go home now to double-check my size so i can order already. i'm so serious.

these are fun too, but still with the 4.5-inch heels! boo!

t-strap ... scalloped

fun find: should i gets?

just spotted this pair of miu miu two-tone patent leather pumps on mrs lilien...

too bad the heels are 4.5 inches. effectively 4 inches with the hidden half-inch platform, but still too high for me. i'm so done with anything over 3.5 inches.

so perhaps these cute flats instead. they have my size!

looking forward to fall

flipping through jcrew's fall lookbook ...

look 8 of 18: this coat looks super fun. super me.

and so i'm on the lookout!


adulterated cotton

i have a fondness for sweaters, cardigans particularly. but it's been pretty difficult to find a fun one that also fits well. so i decided to check out places that i don't typically look at. like talbots.

so the other day i went to the local mall and tried on a sweater. and it was amazing! i don't know if i even own a cardigan that fits as well as the one i tried on. and then i checked the label. cotton/rayon blend. ugh. what's wrong with just plain cotton (or wool or silk)? why does rayon need to be thrown into the mix?

i was really looking for something 100% cotton or 100% wool. or i'd consider a little bit of lycra or spandex. so i stood in the dressing room for another minute or two, deciding whether i should ignore the rayon since the sweater had such a great fit. i couldn't do it though. instead i proceeded to check every single style of sweater in the shop. and they're all cotton blended with rayon or nylon. why? does it really make a difference with the feel and/or color? i don't know the answer.

so i ended up buying a 100% cotton sweater from jcrew. not as colorful or fun, but totally me.


gray and ruffles

i really like the feel of this room. i don't know if it's necessarily the pink and gray combo, although it is nice. and it's meant to be a kid's room, but i'm seriously considering getting those gray ruffle shams.


that miu miu dress

so fun to see at least a couple editorials with my favie dress from miu miu fall 2010.

pictures from: elle uk, c magazine, style