spring 2010 london fashion week

and london fashion week went by. just like that.

basso & brooke, binetti x 2

burberry prorsum x 3

burberry prorsum x 3

erdem x 3

erdem, jasmine di milo, josh goot

matthew williamson x 2, pringle of scotland

pictures from: style and elle


spring 2010 new york fashion week: dresses & gowns

and now for the pretty stuff ...

pale, muted, watercolor-y dresses with some metallics by: chris benz, christian siriano x 2

cynthia steffe, halston, j. mendel

halston, l'wren scott, peter som

marchesa, pink dress collection, zac posen

and some more colorful dresses by: dennis basso, prabal gurung, twinkle

carolina herrera, halston, malandrino

pictures from: style and elle


spring 2010 new york fashion week

the bulk of ny fashion week was disappointing. out of 4000+ or 5000+ pictures, i found not even 30 fun looks. or maybe i'm just getting more critical.

i think the winner of the week was peter som, at least for me. really liked the colors and stripes. so i guess we'll start with peter som.

allude and geren ford had similar looks as well.

alexander berardi and chadwick bell had some work appropriate stuff

pictures from: style, elle and mb fashion week

how was your weekend?

it was a baby-rific weekend! babysat my nephew on saturday and went to a baby shower on sunday.

at 14 weeks, he was a perfect baby. the right amount of cuteness. not too much crying. in fact, not enough crying. he poopied his diapers and didn't display any discomfort. didn't realize it until i took a big whiff. blech! changing my very first poopie diaper was definitely an experience.

sunday had dirty diapers too. but instead of stinkiness, the diapers had yumminess ... in the form of mystery melted chocolate bars. and a bunch of other fun shower games. i don't think i've eaten more food or laughed harder at a baby shower before. and this was definitely the first one with rum as game prizes.

no pictures this time ... unless i get requests to see poopie diapers!


more movies ...

yep, also saw another movie over the weekend: the september issue

very entertaining. if you're expecting a deep look into anna wintour's life, you're going to be disappointed. you get some, but not much.

the real "star" of the documentary was creative director, grace coddington, who was even featured in a interview

even though i'm not a vogue reader, i am familiar with her editorials. she's quite talented. and feisty!


how was your weekend?

pretty good ... did some bike shopping. i think i'm going to pick that up because jogging's been pretty tough on my legs. biking should hopefully have a lot less impact.

restricted by my size and my budget, there seems to be a consensus as to which bike i should start with. too bad it isn't as pretty as i'd like. after pointing out bikes on the street, i've come to the conclusion that i prefer the more vintage steel frame bikes. you know, the kind that looks like the actual bike lane/route signs.

came across a perfect example in a random japanese bike magazine while we were browsing in kinokuniya ... riteway ... hellooooo, pretty bike!

too bad they don't make ones small enough for me though. neither does bianchi nor masi. but then again, those are slightly above my budget. bianchi's dolomiti is at $3300 and masi's speciale bikes at $1150+ ... vs riteway at $760.

we also tossed around the idea of finding a vintage bike frame and building it to a full modern bike. but that would be a long shot, considering most vintage bike frames are much too large. hmmm ... maybe we can find a vintage kid's bike frame? maybe one that's not too small?

and oh ... i would note that jeans are not the pantwear of choice for test-riding bikes. not comfortable!


what to do about lunch?

so i've been pretty good about using my daisoware at work ... just about every day for breakfast and most days for lunch when i bring something from the market.

and it's been great. i tend to eat healthier/fresher now, like the market cherry tomatoes, cowgirl creamery fromage blanc and acme torpedo roll above. instead of, say, a turkey sandwich from a nearby deli or a burger or pizza or tacos with chips & salsa. or just feeling way full after lunch. portions are much more manageable now. and lunch has been way cheaper. it's a win all around ... or so i thought.

i went to the cafe across the street for some puree of butternut squash to supplement my leftover savory risotto today. and the guy there asked if i just got back from vacation or something. because he hadn't seen me around in a while. and i told him that i've just been bringing stuff from home lately. and he responded, yeah ... i lot of people are doing that now ...

oh man ... i know restaurants in general have been having a tough time. but fidi lunch spots? i hadn't even really thought about them. i don't want them all to start closing. my favorite breakfast spot already shut down a couple months ago. boo ... what to do?


how was your (labor day) weekend?

very relaxing ... mostly just watched a bunch of dvds.

i love you, man was a really cute bromatic movie. in the same general vein as knocked up and forgetting sarah marshall (starring the same main guys).

duplicity with julia roberts and clive owen ... you can skip that one.

and coraline. super cute and creepy at the same time. you'll never think of buttons the same way again.

also started shopping for a road bike, so i can move away from all the impact stress on my legs from jogging. instead, i'll be putting myself at risk for falls. watch out!

too bad most off-the-rack road bikes are so sporty looking. why can't they make more simple ones like muji (as seen in tokyo) ...

will keep looking. i'll probably be making a purchase within the month.


lv: dreamy

as a follow-up to yesterday's post ... not all was lost. i don't do much window shopping any more, nor much online shopping. i just get random urges to go shopping maybe once a quarter or so, usually when prompted by a catalog in the mail.

so even though i didn't end up keeping the sensuals, i did find another fun pair of shoes that day. and they were so perfect. when i tried them on, we all said, it looks like they already belong to me.

allow me to present ... the dreamy ...

not only do they fit perfectly, but it's like they were designed with me in mind. or perhaps they just made a hybrid of two other pairs i already have. the other two are obviously from seasons past, as evidenced by the wear. which makes finding the dreamy so timely! and! and! they already come with a rubber sole, so i don't even have to run over to the cobbler for that. so perfect!


lv: sensual

so lv's autumn-winter 2009 shoe collection book came in the mail something like july 31. with some seriously sexy shoes on the cover. like i literally gasped when i saw the cover.

see what i mean? so exciting because they've been coming out with a bunch of junk recently. finally, they're back to including at least some more subtle pieces. so 2 days later, i found myself on the shoe mezzanine in maison union square. unfortunately, the smallest size they had in the store was a 6. much too big. but i did try them on just for the look and they looked great. so i ordered them in my size. it took a while, but they eventually got delivered in two and a half weeks.

but booo ... the front was pinchy. way too narrow. so i went back to the store, where they had a 5.5. but that was way too roomy, even with two inserts! my goldilocks feetsies wondered if lv made a size 5.25, but no such luck. so we tried stretching the vamp. but even after a few days of that, didn't feel much of or any difference at all.

so bottom line ... if you're a true size 5 with skinny toes, you're in luck! especially since i was told that that pair was the only size 5 in the system. so after pulling them out of the system for a whole month, they're back! or at least they were as of a week ago. who knows, someone may have already swooped in on them.


how was your weekend?

we rode our bikes out to tiburon. i haven't really ridden a bike in a while (not since two years ago actually), so i'm pretty sore.

we took a little longer than the guide map said it would take. twice as long, in fact. but we had fun! we took a bunch of photo stops and took a quick break in downtown sausalito to fuel up with "energy bars" and even made a tiny detour to heath's factory store. and then a super late lunch at in & out. and then we eventually made it out to downtown tiburon where we did some post-ride stretching on the lawns and waited for the ferry to take us back home.

it was a totally fun-filled day (with a few grumpy moments cursing my ton-of-bricks rental bike), with the best part being that it was pretty unplanned. we initially had nothing planned for that day until, oddly enough, on saturday night, we both thought of bike riding. so that's what we did the next day. it definitely kicked my butt, but i may look into getting a bike, a light (and pretty) one.