my treehouse!

for a while there, i was doing so well with the regular postings ... and then ... i moved! saw the listing on a tuesday. studied the pictures so i knew what to expect. confirmed that i liked it that saturday. applied and gave my deposit check that same day. and told that it was mine on monday. less than one week from seeing the listing! crazy!

but i said i would need a couple weeks before moving in, so i would have time to pack up everything. i also went in a few days before my move-in day to sign my lease and take measurements.

so here's the floor plan i put together before moving in. more or less. i didn't have the sofa or rugs yet, but they were on order. and it really helped on moving day. i was able to tell the movers exactly where to put everything and haven't had to move a single big piece of furniture since moving day (except lifting the bed to slide the rug under it).

and here's a quick snapshot of the living room taken a week after moving in.

i'll probably be posting a lot of progression pictures since that's what's taking up most of my time these days.

fun weekend find

over the weekend, bought my first skirt since july 2007. (yes, i keep ridiculously meticulous records of all my purchases.) 9-10 months from runway to purchase. very work appropriate.

dkny fall 2009 ready to wear