a pretty book: ladurée sucré

before seeing this book, i'd never heard of ladurée. that's probably because i'm not a fan of macarons (which is what i gather they are well known for). never have been. i'll still try them from time to time, but i'll almost always go for some other dessert if i have the option. anyway ...

this book! ladurée sucré is supposed to be a gift for a friend, and i was going to hold off on posting this until we gave it to her. but plans changed and i'm not sure when we'll see her next. so i've decided i've held off long enough.

and so ... here it is, one of prettiest books i've ever seen and it comes so nicely packaged on top of that. it comes in a box in laduree's signature mint green. inside, the book is wrapped with a layer of lavender tissue paper.

underneath, you find the book, in the same mint green, but this time in a pillowy velvety version, stamped with the gold logo.

then you lift the book out and see the gold edging all around the pages. this is all before you even open the book!

and finally ... you open it and see the pages fan out to reveal a rainbow of pastel images. i was so eager to flip through and study every single page.

i'll follow this with some of my favorite pages.


fun weekend find

heeeeee!! look what i found last weekend. in my size! i wanted to wear them right away, but i had to hold off so i could get some rubber soles put on them first. you know, to prolong their useful life.

so guess what shoes i'll be rocking all this weekend =)


movie: eatrip

excited for the weekend. finally get to catch up on some shows and netflix. but first! wanted to mention a movie i watched last wednesday: eatrip.

it's japanese. it has some farm life in there. some kids. some fun animations. and lots of good fresh food. great movie all around. we'll be all over it when the dvd comes out.

playing at new people in sf if you're around. and the trailer if you want to check it out first.

picture from: here


spotted on: amanda on ugly betty

haven't really been following ugly betty this season, but just recently caught up. just watched the london episode last night and spotted a really cute coat on amanda (three-quarter sleeve grey striped peacoat with gold buttons). anyone know who makes it?

screencap from: abc