to-do list: 2 down

i'm an avid listkeeper. i keep lists of favorite restaurants. simple to-do lists throughout the day. meals i eat. daily expenses. data on gas/car mileage ...

and long-term to-do's. one (or two) off the list now. the other stuff is blanked out, but will be revealed as they get done.

nightly flossing ... it's an on-and-off habit. typically just "on" the month or so prior to a dental check-up and cleaning. but it'd be nice to keep it more regular. so far, so good. it's been about two weeks now. we'll check again end of september.

reusable kitchenware for office ... because the volume of paper plates, paper bowls, paper cups and plastic utensils i used to throw away in any given week was getting ridiculous. i'm still working on finding a good set of utensils. i do have a spoon i borrowed from home though. just need a knife and fork.

i initially considered getting a set from heath ceramics or mud australia, since i figured having pretty bowls and plates would encourage me to use them more. but the idea of spending $76 or $109 on one simple set of a bowl, a plate and a mug was kind of silly, especially since i would just be keeping them for use at work. what if someone were to steal them! so i settled on ikea or daiso. and since daiso is more convenient, daiso it was. $6.00 flat. not bad. not quite the same, but they definitely do the job. and i'm getting tons of use of them.

looking forward to checking more off the list.


how was your weekend?

(it must have been pretty eventful, because it's wednesday and i still remember it!) it was really nice ... it was my dad's birthday on friday, so we all went out for dinner saturday night. the whole family. including my brother's 10-week old. he was actually really good so it was nice.

have you heard of el paseo in mill valley? i feel like not too many people have, but it's definitely worth checking out. it's a french restaurant run by a japanese couple. it's super cute. very romantic. but it doesn't have to be. it's good for family and group dinners too.

we also went to see inglourious basterds. i didn't know anything about the movie except it had brad pitt and diane kruger and was about killing nazis. i don't think i even knew it was a quentin tarantino movie. but once i saw his opening credit, i said uh oh! i better finish my lunch.

this is turning out to be a summer of good movies. 4.5 great movies. the brothers bloom. up. 500 days of summer. julie & julia. inglourious basterds. do i need to say which movie was only half good?


Q & A: uggs

Q: is it possible to make uggs ... uglier?

how was your weekend?

great ... i hung out with mcdreamy and jay leno and seinfeld. not really. but i did see them. i went down to monterey for a historic car race (monterey historic) in monterey and they were there to race. or at least patrick dempsey and seinfeld were, i think. i don't think jay did.

my favorite cars were from the 20s to early 50s.

what ever happened to using leather straps on car hoods? i'm going to bring it back, one car at a time.



how was your weekend?

it was good ... didn't do anything special. just enjoyed the sun yesterday (sunday). i actually had a (another!) baby shower in noe valley in the morning. and then we just walked around the mission after that. it was blazing out though, so we didn't stay out for too long.

fun rope-making at the curiosity shoppe on valencia (source)

we also saw julie & julia over the weekend. it was cute. the more i think about it though, i probably would have been fine with watching just the julia child parts. they could have built out her story more and it'd be a much better movie. meryl streep was really good. not that amy adams was bad. her character was really whiny though.

stills from the trailer