a good egg

chelsea of {frolic!} posted a random shoutout to jane of the speckled egg. and i figured a webfriend of chelsea's might be just as awesome as chelsea herself, or at least her blog. and score! i have a new blog to add to my reader.

two posts in particular caught my attention: giveaway: office of the tooth fairy and passing notes: huge love

the office of the tooth fairy post led me to the actual product's site ...

...which led me to notion farm, which led me to rubber design, a super creative design firm.
such attractive details: deep embossing, great color palettes and the slightly vintage feel in some

the passing notes post featured sketch ice cream, which is way up there on our list of favorite ice cream shops. and what a coinky-dink, we were just there over the weekend, just a little bit before they closed up shop early for the day, for their anniversary.
yum yum yum. i had a 50/50 with vanilla ice cream and coffee granita; he had a 50/50 with lime granita and apple sorbet.

anywho ... abbie of passing notes was behind the simple yet impressive design elements of the shop ... AND they also designed ruthie and eric's wedding (the owners). too cute. see, october 4. i guess they weren't fibbing about their anniversary and just trying to sneak out early for the day.

spring 2009 paris fashion week

a handful or two of colorful dresses and some fun details in paris

brights: andrew gn, akris x 3, collette dinnigan

pastels: chanel, elie saab x 3

details: chanel, louis vuitton, miu miu, requiem

pictures from: style