with a golden [notebook], it's a golden day

i went to doe a few weeks back in search of the nantaka joy notebooks i mentioned previously (end of post). but they didn't have the silver or copper notebooks. just the dot and floral ones. so i was a little disappointed. but it wasn't a total loss.

there was some cute jewelry by polli, an australian design duo. i especially liked their pendants. well, mainly because i can't wear earrings. but their earrings were neat too.

and the toord boontje book which i would have flipped through if i weren't pressed for time.

and modern-twist's hide box (modern-twist is a collaboration among san francisco-based designers)

and cards and paper goods by local designers like good on paper. there were a few others that i'd recognize by sight, but i can't remember them now.

but anyway, i couldn't find the nantaka joy notebooks at doe. and no online site carried both the silver and copper notebooks. so i was out of luck. that is, until oct 29th! well, actually oct 30th, because i wasn't really in the loop. but i quickly ordered both notebooks off the newly launched commerce site for nantaka joy. order WEB-00009. i figured, wow, eight other giddy fans beat me to it.

and finally, my notebooks arrived yesterday! and not only did i receive my lovely notebooks, i also got an extra goodie! that was super sweet of joy. little surprises are so fun!