all a-twitter

i've never been inclined to start a twitter account nor have i read anyone's twitter, so i could be missing the actual way it works. but if there were any day i would have looked into it, today would have been the day. and my day would have gone something like this ...

8:50:: running late by 5 minutes now, hate this. and now i'm stuck at the end of a long security line 8:55:: through security. and checked in. 8:57:: finally(!) found a comfy seat between two professional clean-looking people 8:58:: time for my yogurt and granola bar breakfast 9:06:: just started "watching" a jury service info video. more like listening. there's a big head in my way. 9:17:: "each person's opinion can be voiced" ... i would pity anyone stuck on a jury with [certain girl i know] 9:20:: 15-minute video just finished ... more orientation! 9:22:: ugh! there's wireless here. i so should have brought my laptop. 9:35:: they just started calling names for the first juror group ... yes! not called. the whole row in front of me cleared though. 9:44:: ummm ... why are we all taking an oath? 9:46:: crap ... we've all just been selected to be selected for a 5-week trial 9:58:: i don't meet any of the hardships ... time to fill out the questionnaire 10:20:: done and i'm out of here ... more tomorrow ... whee!