feltron annual report

i kinda glanced at this a couple weeks ago on twig & thistle, but didn't really take a closer look until this weekend when we were talking about visual representations of qualitative/quantitative attributes (will make much more sense in a later post). anyway, immediately upon that conversation starter, we dove into the obsessive mind of nicholas feltron, or at least his websites.

feltron is a ny-based graphic designer who does all sorts of fun stuff like editorial layouts and logos and website design. he also started a side project in private beta called daytum that tracks any type of data imaginable, from something as simple as miles traveled over time (actual or in virtual games) to something as unique as, perhaps, how often a person sneezes including at how many decibels and whether it was covered by a tissue, a shirt sleeve or a bare hand. don't steal that idea! ok, you can.

anyway, one of two main attractions is his 4th volume of the feltron annual report, which is powered by the other main attraction, daytum. so clever of him.

it would be so neat to be able to make my own annual report, but it would probably take way too much of my time to track all the random stuff i can imagine including. it might make more sense and might be more meaningful to track a year, or a month, or whatever, for an actual reason ...

like tracking a baby's first year, which would be so neat for the kid to look at when they get older ... or for a couple's first year of marriage, which would be fun to look back on at each anniversary ... or a report to share with parents of a student's semester spent abroad ... or tracking progress of an intense weight-loss regimen ... or as a hygiene diary ("itchy today, not itchy today") ... or, well, that's enough examples for now

seriously, i track so much stuff in my life already, i can't believe i didn't think to develop daytum myself. although i guess i just never imagined that other people might be as obsessive.