adulterated cotton

i have a fondness for sweaters, cardigans particularly. but it's been pretty difficult to find a fun one that also fits well. so i decided to check out places that i don't typically look at. like talbots.

so the other day i went to the local mall and tried on a sweater. and it was amazing! i don't know if i even own a cardigan that fits as well as the one i tried on. and then i checked the label. cotton/rayon blend. ugh. what's wrong with just plain cotton (or wool or silk)? why does rayon need to be thrown into the mix?

i was really looking for something 100% cotton or 100% wool. or i'd consider a little bit of lycra or spandex. so i stood in the dressing room for another minute or two, deciding whether i should ignore the rayon since the sweater had such a great fit. i couldn't do it though. instead i proceeded to check every single style of sweater in the shop. and they're all cotton blended with rayon or nylon. why? does it really make a difference with the feel and/or color? i don't know the answer.

so i ended up buying a 100% cotton sweater from jcrew. not as colorful or fun, but totally me.