oh so pretty calligraphy

the other day, my friend and i were talking about how our dads have really nice penmanship. and how they both know how to do calligraphy really well. we came to the conclusion that it was because it was actually a required course back in their day. not so for us when we were in school. i remember one summer though when i asked my dad to show me how to practice calligraphy. i'm pretty sure i still have those pens.

anyway, coincidentally, i saw this piece of mail just the other day. how pretty! i couldn't stop staring at it. it literally stood out from all the other mail. and it was actually featured on oh so beautiful paper and put together by lucky luxe. well, not this particular envelope, but the suite. these were done by holland wilson. really makes me want to pick up calligraphy again!

and another fun detail. the couple had the invitations hand cancelled with a rubber stamp that was a really close match to their custom stamp on the back of the envelope. cute!