little miss muffet's tuffet

another element of my room! in addition to a huge floor mirror (i've decided to get something that actually exists and is readily available, yet still somewhat similar: from west elm), i think i'll get a custom barcelona stool.

this stool but in the sand color.

i was thinking all last night whether to get a matching chair made as well, but the chair would set me way past the budget i've set. but then if i decide to get the chair in the future (which i likely will), then i'm running the chance of the two pieces not matching. what to do?!

man, oh man. i'm so excited to put this room together. although the pièce de résistance is something i have yet to mention and i'm pretty sure it's more than double my entire budget. so i'll have to think of a way around it. hmm, maybe up my budget?

and oh, as for the mirror, i thought about getting the west elm mirror and applying zebrawood veneer to it and framing it with chrome molding. but i looked up the veneer and i haven't been able to find the right length or grain. and plus, zebrawood apparently stinks like nasty when working with it. so, yea, i dropped that idea. and then i thought of doing a faux paint treatment to mimic the grain of zebrawood, but knowing my history, i'd probably mess it up. so a plain mirror it is!