everything's coming up "acorns"

fall/winter collections are always so much nicer than the spring/summer collections. well, at least i think so. sure, girls like summer because they get to dress all cute and pretty. but fall is when you get to wear the more tailored clothing with more substantial, richer fabrics. love it!

and fall items have been trickling in recently. a couple weeks ago, the first coats hit the floors. saw this dvf coat that i tried on in both black and ivory. i would have bought one in each color but then i saw that it was prominently displayed at neiman, saks and bloomingdales so you'll probably see this coat all over the place. well, not exactly all over the place since it's $695, but you'll see it around.

and besides, i'm in the market for a charcoal gray coat. i've got enough black and ivory ones. no need for more, although it is rather cute.

and oh(!) the anticipation for miu miu's fall shoe collection continues. i saw this lone shoe sitting among the prada collection and freaked out!! i flagged down a sales associate to see where the rest of the collection could be found. he said that this flat was the first and only miu miu shoe in so far.

you can be sure i'll be checking every day for the pumps to come in. i think i'll skip wearing the socks with them though.

and oh oh oh. ferro items at bv are being snatched up as quickly as they're getting into the store. i'm so all over that too.