it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ...

a couple months ago, i mentioned donna wilson's little doily placemat. i got one in the natural color for $35. and over the weekend, i was flipping through the latest crate & barrel holiday catalog, and kinda gasped when i saw their similar lacey felt placemats for only $31.95 (but for a set of four(!) or $7.95 each)!

but i quickly got over it, because the donna wilson one is much prettier, is made of 100% wool, is a good size at 11.8" diameter and comes in a rainbow of colors (black, natural, red, magenta, turquoise and lime green). the c&b one is 100% acrylic, larger at 16" diameter, and comes in only the one color. but it's still a decent alternative if you just like the general look/idea of it.

donna wilson also has a cute set of wool felt snowflake coasters, available in black, magenta, natural, red, olive and turquoise.

and crate & barrel has a bunch of cute holiday stuff: noel pillow, snowflake candleholder, snowflake plate, and winter sprig plate.

and their mira pillow and throw aren't exacty holiday-ish, but they are very missoni-like and thus worth mentioning. in fact, i think i prefer them over some of the real missoni.