shake your boontje

when i first saw the midsummer light lamp by tord boontje (check this out) a few years ago, i jumped all over it. except i didn't have an overhead fixture in my room, so i passed on it.

and then it burst onto the lighting market and could be found everywhere, including our favorite local japanese confection shop. and some people hate it. and i can see how it could look ulgy when not in the right context. but sometimes it can look totally awesome, in multiples, as a bold statement in a big art display.

tord also previously designed the garland light and the blossom chandelier. the garland light, i'm not such a big fan of. but i love the blossom chandelier, at least the concept of it.

his moulded plastic nest chair is pretty cool too. for a cute urban garden.

but what got me taking another look at tord boontje, was a recent dwr newsletter. it highlighted floor coverings by nani marquina, who commissioned tord to create his little field of flowers rug last year, which would be lovely to incorporate into my home somehow. but even the small size (about 8' x 5.5') is a bit large for my needs now.