i've switched the majority of my bills and statements to electronic/paperless options. i reuse, recycle and reduce as much as possible. BUT one thing i can't give up is cancelling mail-order catalogs. there's nothing like kicking back on my couch or bed and leafing through catalogs for inspiration and/or actual finds.

the summer 2008 catalog from flor has a lot of fun styling. a whole range of home decor styles, from traditional to retro to contemporary, from country to urban. a couple images stood out to me though.

a super cute vintage bmw isetta set atop some garage flooring

i really like the clean linen slipcovers, as well as the size and shape of this loveseat

the fall 2008 catalog from garnet hill had some fun stuff too, but again, i most liked the background stuff, namely the barn doors behind this bed ensemble.

vivaterra's fall 2008 catalog had a bunch of fun products. a fern clock, some little succulent cubes, a few wall panels and large felt stones (which would be a nice alternative to dwr's poufs).