cb2: san francisco

CB2 finally opened in SF last thursday (july 31st)! except i totally forgot about it until the next day. but once i did remember, i promptly left and headed over. on the south end of the same block as the regular crate & barrel, and right behind the apple store, is the newly opened CB2. and now for a quick little tour.

storefront on ellis st

cute geometric kickplates along the bottom of the storefront

the staircase on the right leading to the second floor: with the same geometric ironwork (appears to be raw metal rather than painted white) used for the risers, and tread planks that look like end grain cutting boards

a view from the second floor, looking through the beams down to the first floor

the second floor

and i have a confession. i actually went to the store twice over the weekend. but for a valid reason. i purchased the big dipper arc floor lamp, but since i wouldn't have been able to fit the box (about 4' x 2' x 1.5') into my car, i had to come back later in the weekend with a larger car. and on my second trip, i noticed that most everyone who bought smaller items carried them away in cute cb2 logo canvas totes. fun.