how was your weekend?

(it must have been pretty eventful, because it's wednesday and i still remember it!) it was really nice ... it was my dad's birthday on friday, so we all went out for dinner saturday night. the whole family. including my brother's 10-week old. he was actually really good so it was nice.

have you heard of el paseo in mill valley? i feel like not too many people have, but it's definitely worth checking out. it's a french restaurant run by a japanese couple. it's super cute. very romantic. but it doesn't have to be. it's good for family and group dinners too.

we also went to see inglourious basterds. i didn't know anything about the movie except it had brad pitt and diane kruger and was about killing nazis. i don't think i even knew it was a quentin tarantino movie. but once i saw his opening credit, i said uh oh! i better finish my lunch.

this is turning out to be a summer of good movies. 4.5 great movies. the brothers bloom. up. 500 days of summer. julie & julia. inglourious basterds. do i need to say which movie was only half good?