to-do list: 2 down

i'm an avid listkeeper. i keep lists of favorite restaurants. simple to-do lists throughout the day. meals i eat. daily expenses. data on gas/car mileage ...

and long-term to-do's. one (or two) off the list now. the other stuff is blanked out, but will be revealed as they get done.

nightly flossing ... it's an on-and-off habit. typically just "on" the month or so prior to a dental check-up and cleaning. but it'd be nice to keep it more regular. so far, so good. it's been about two weeks now. we'll check again end of september.

reusable kitchenware for office ... because the volume of paper plates, paper bowls, paper cups and plastic utensils i used to throw away in any given week was getting ridiculous. i'm still working on finding a good set of utensils. i do have a spoon i borrowed from home though. just need a knife and fork.

i initially considered getting a set from heath ceramics or mud australia, since i figured having pretty bowls and plates would encourage me to use them more. but the idea of spending $76 or $109 on one simple set of a bowl, a plate and a mug was kind of silly, especially since i would just be keeping them for use at work. what if someone were to steal them! so i settled on ikea or daiso. and since daiso is more convenient, daiso it was. $6.00 flat. not bad. not quite the same, but they definitely do the job. and i'm getting tons of use of them.

looking forward to checking more off the list.