fresh fresh exciting

jt wanted to grab some sugar lychee parfum from fresh, but we decided it smelled a little too syrupy. like the syrup that canned lychees sit in. just too sweet.

so she started to test all the bottles sitting along the back testing station. and the winner was ... pear cassis! too bad it's discontinued (she actually snagged the last bottle). but 100mL should last a while.

anyway, while she was testing scents, i decided to walk around a bit and smell the soaps. verbena and vanilla smelled pleasant, as expected. patchouli was sitting among the bunch. ick but i smelled it anyway, and ick. and then there was hesperides.

what an odd name. hesperides. and the wrapping was a dark teal. not very appealing on the surface but i gave it a big whiff and wow! nicely fresh and pleasant. a mix of lemon, orange and grapefruit top notes; bergamot, lotus flower and jasmine middle notes; and rhubarb, musk and peach at the base. too bad they don't make it in candle form.

it's now right up there with my penhaligon's and diptyque favorites. which are rather similar, unsurprisingly.

diptyque's oyedo is described as "citrus fruits and thyme on a ground of woody scents," while penhaligon's quercus is layered with cardamom, galbanum, lime, bergamot, lemon and mandarin on top; jasmine and muguet in the middle; and sandalwood, treemoss and musk as the base notes.