jackson square extension

there are a couple fairly new (within the past year or two) stores on the very outer fringe of jackson square. and they're really cute. i'm not talking about glamour closet because everyone already knows about that place. actually, i remember walking by that store maybe a week right before daily candy wrote about them. yea, that made me feel special for a whole second.

anyway, i'm talking about area and eden & eden. yea, i'm sure tons of people know about these two shops too, but they're still worth mentioning. they're only a block or so away from dwr and about the same from kartell.

area is a very stylish home and garden store. i think the owner has been there (with a smile and warm greeting) every single time i've walked into the shop. which is pretty cool, especially if you want to ask about any particular piece (i hear he hand picks each item in the store). i'd call the place a high end restoration hardware. but "high end" as in high style, because the prices aren't totally ridiculous. here are a couple items that stood out to me. i guess i was in a white/gray mood.

a few tabletop items. i really liked these geometric laser-cut placemats.

and the story behind these intricate frames is that the artist supposedly found an old frame in his brother's attic and liked it so much that he casted a mold out of it.

just two doors down is eden & eden. i could have taken dozens of pictures in here because everything was just so pretty and unique. but i felt kind of awkward since i was only one of three or so patrons in there. anyway, they have home accessories, clothing from ivana helsinki (a finnish designer), paper goods, jewelry and just a bunch of cool stuff. so i'd call the place an indie anthropologie but on the fresher side (as opposed to shabby chic).

you can see part of a plate on the upper edge of the photo. there were a bunch of these neat plates with line drawings of architecture. much cooler in person.

you can definitely spend a whole sunny afternoon in this area, visiting eden & eden, area, dwr, kartell and all the art galleries and antique shops in between (provided that they're open). and maybe grabbing a lunch at the ferry building. yea, sounds like a total hipster day.