hello miss lapin

so i spent yesterday reading up on, well, what everyone else was reading.

i also spent some time sifting through tons of blogs and added a few new good ones to the links sidebar (only like 10% of what i actually looked). and i wanted to post a hilarious picture from one of them, but i can't seem to track it down now. i even did a quick click and scroll through my history, but can't locate it. oh well, it's an old joke now anyway (a drawing of an LV purse in the shape of madonna's malawi baby, captioned as "hollywood's hot new accessory")

anyway, as i was scrolling through absolutely beautiful things, i came across fifi lapin! i can't believe i missed her yesterday! so glad i revisted the site.

she's the cutest and most clever bunny ever! the artist even does private commissions at no extra cost, so now all i have to do is figure out my favorite outfit!! oh, and she has a stalker too. too funny!