blue, blue, blue suede shoes

... or gray, gray, gray leather booties ... either or ... i'm really liking all the dark gray accessories out for fall/winter: iron, steel, smoke and dove and all those other fancy shades of gray. i'd really like to find the perfect pair of gray pumps though. that'd be hot

and yes, those gray patent boots are from the same fall/winter 2007 miu miu collection of brogue specator shoes that i've been talking about for the past five months (here, here, here and here). and yes, this will be the last entry about them. well, that is, after i purge a little. can't find the middle one in my size, but oh well, they don't fit so great anyway. and the other two have such classic coloring. i'm pretty sure i'll compliment whoever i see on the streets with any of them. (unless she's a size 5, then i might just find myself attacking her.)

and since i've got my feathers all ruffled at the moment, i might as well complain about a current trend i'm so not digging. exposed zippers. why would designers ruin a perfectly pretty dress with a completely exposed zipper, meaning even the edge of the tape is exposed. crazy and silly.