how was your weekend?

we rode our bikes out to tiburon. i haven't really ridden a bike in a while (not since two years ago actually), so i'm pretty sore.

we took a little longer than the guide map said it would take. twice as long, in fact. but we had fun! we took a bunch of photo stops and took a quick break in downtown sausalito to fuel up with "energy bars" and even made a tiny detour to heath's factory store. and then a super late lunch at in & out. and then we eventually made it out to downtown tiburon where we did some post-ride stretching on the lawns and waited for the ferry to take us back home.

it was a totally fun-filled day (with a few grumpy moments cursing my ton-of-bricks rental bike), with the best part being that it was pretty unplanned. we initially had nothing planned for that day until, oddly enough, on saturday night, we both thought of bike riding. so that's what we did the next day. it definitely kicked my butt, but i may look into getting a bike, a light (and pretty) one.