what to do about lunch?

so i've been pretty good about using my daisoware at work ... just about every day for breakfast and most days for lunch when i bring something from the market.

and it's been great. i tend to eat healthier/fresher now, like the market cherry tomatoes, cowgirl creamery fromage blanc and acme torpedo roll above. instead of, say, a turkey sandwich from a nearby deli or a burger or pizza or tacos with chips & salsa. or just feeling way full after lunch. portions are much more manageable now. and lunch has been way cheaper. it's a win all around ... or so i thought.

i went to the cafe across the street for some puree of butternut squash to supplement my leftover savory risotto today. and the guy there asked if i just got back from vacation or something. because he hadn't seen me around in a while. and i told him that i've just been bringing stuff from home lately. and he responded, yeah ... i lot of people are doing that now ...

oh man ... i know restaurants in general have been having a tough time. but fidi lunch spots? i hadn't even really thought about them. i don't want them all to start closing. my favorite breakfast spot already shut down a couple months ago. boo ... what to do?