lv: dreamy

as a follow-up to yesterday's post ... not all was lost. i don't do much window shopping any more, nor much online shopping. i just get random urges to go shopping maybe once a quarter or so, usually when prompted by a catalog in the mail.

so even though i didn't end up keeping the sensuals, i did find another fun pair of shoes that day. and they were so perfect. when i tried them on, we all said, it looks like they already belong to me.

allow me to present ... the dreamy ...

not only do they fit perfectly, but it's like they were designed with me in mind. or perhaps they just made a hybrid of two other pairs i already have. the other two are obviously from seasons past, as evidenced by the wear. which makes finding the dreamy so timely! and! and! they already come with a rubber sole, so i don't even have to run over to the cobbler for that. so perfect!