lv: sensual

so lv's autumn-winter 2009 shoe collection book came in the mail something like july 31. with some seriously sexy shoes on the cover. like i literally gasped when i saw the cover.

see what i mean? so exciting because they've been coming out with a bunch of junk recently. finally, they're back to including at least some more subtle pieces. so 2 days later, i found myself on the shoe mezzanine in maison union square. unfortunately, the smallest size they had in the store was a 6. much too big. but i did try them on just for the look and they looked great. so i ordered them in my size. it took a while, but they eventually got delivered in two and a half weeks.

but booo ... the front was pinchy. way too narrow. so i went back to the store, where they had a 5.5. but that was way too roomy, even with two inserts! my goldilocks feetsies wondered if lv made a size 5.25, but no such luck. so we tried stretching the vamp. but even after a few days of that, didn't feel much of or any difference at all.

so bottom line ... if you're a true size 5 with skinny toes, you're in luck! especially since i was told that that pair was the only size 5 in the system. so after pulling them out of the system for a whole month, they're back! or at least they were as of a week ago. who knows, someone may have already swooped in on them.