japan: 45 rpm

and the other denim trifecta of shops we visited: 45 rpm in the minamiaoyama area.

the badou r in minamiaoyama is THE location to go to if you see only one 45 rpm store. it's tucked away off the main streets in a japanese-style house, so you have to switch your street shoes for comfy slippers once you step into the front foyer. you feel like you're browsing through a friend's huge closet because of the comfy factor as well as the super friendly staff.

the entrance from the street

the indigo-dyed paving stones leading up to the shop entrance

details of the exterior

full sliding glass doors to the patio

one of several "rooms", this one being the showroom for women's wear

the fitting room, with chestnut floors

source: life of seisho

the other badou r in the area, badour r ai is on a main street with a more urban feel

and the third one, the smallest of the three was 45 ai indigo, or maybe it was an umii908 store. not really sure. but all these brands are under the same 45 rpm family.

and this is a scarf that showed up in every location. as if it were asking for me to take it home.

there are a couple us locations of 45 rpm if you're interested. both are in manhattan.