japan: muji (part two)

muji yurakucho was our second muji destination. this store has 2.5 large floors of goodies to navigate. it doesn't look like much from the outside, but this is the muji with its own website and even a concept house inside on the first floor.

source: flickr

so the first floor greets you with the flower shop and a muji house. the house had little signs all over asking for no photos, so i didn't take any. but there are a few on the site as well as some on flickr.

the escalators take you up to the second floor, where you find in the center: muji to go (an edited selection of useful items for travel, work and gifts), some miscellaneous items, health & beauty care and stationery.

among the miscellaneous items was a little display for stamp-your-own canvas tote bags. depending on the size, you could get a custom-made piece of muji for only 50, 70 or 100 yen, which would probably cost you some of your pocket change with some leftover. you just buy the bag and stamp whatever you want on it. or you could even bring it home and iron on, patch on, paint on whatever you wish. if i had thought of something clever to stamp, they would have made the best souvenirs.

the rest of the second floor carried (counterclockwise from the front) muji labo, women's wear, children's/baby/maternity wear, men's wear, eyewear and food. this eyewear section displayed some frames on huge blocks of wood.

next to the eyewear section was the repairing studio, where they alter and repair clothing, whether from muji or not.

and next to the packaged food section was meal muji. there were baked goods and hot foods available.

and then the third floor: atelier muji, plants, kitchen & dining, storage, furniture, lighting, books, bedding and fabrics.

and yet another fun wall display, this one of wavy stacks of cardboard.

and lastly, on our way out, we stopped for a look at the muji bikes. so simple in design, which, if it's totally functional, is all you really need.