japan: reasons to move there

recently got back from a two-week trip in hong kong and japan (tokyo, kyoto and osaka). it was maybe my fifth or sixth time over there, but the first time we planned our own itinerary, rather than joining a tour with tight schedules. and just a day or two into the japanese portion of our itinerary, i was already considering moving there. but that wouldn't be a very rational decision. so instead, i'll just spend the next few weeks covering all the fun stuff i came across.

besides, i don't think i could deal with all the crowds. nor the heat in the underground stations and subway trains. nor having to learn a whole new language in my 20s. nor having to deal with finding the perfect place to live.

but i could definitely get used to the super punctual train system. and the vintage vibe. and the fresh seasonal foods. and the general hospitable nature of the population. and the fun fabrics. and the fun paper goods. and stumbling across gems in random neighborhoods. and the spiffy washlets. and the hot springs.

ok ... i need to stop before i catch myself buying a one-way ticket there. anywho ... here's a quick snapshot of fun things to come ...

if you like the general theme of using color and grids for organization, and vintage stuff, and tactile objects, and cute but not too cute stuff ... oh boy, japan would be a wonderland. definitely worth a trip. although maybe a month would have been more fun that just one and a half weeks.