japan: kyoto fabrics

so before embarking on our adventures, i told my boyfriend something along the lines of "if you see something you want to buy, just buy it. because chances are, we won't have time to go back or find it somewhere else." well, too bad i didn't listen to my own words. we stumbled across a cute little (3 huge and packed floors!) fabric shop along shijodori in kyoto. i browsed through the stacks of fabric on the ground floor and decided i couldn't choose any fabrics until i had a project in mind. and decided i might circle back the next day if i had any good ideas.

and then i changed my mind and figured i could get the fabrics first and then choose the projects. unfortunately, i never got a chance to go back. ugh, my only major non-buyer's remorse for the whole trip.

nomura tailor has tons of fabrics, from japanese denim to french lace. ugh, i'm still kicking myself for not going back. anyway, here's a quick look at what the ground floor looks like. the 2nd and 3rd floors held the notions and ribbons.

source: flickr

and here are a bunch of additional pictures snagged from their site, a quick virtual shopping list, if you will.