japan: muji (part three)

and just one last fun thing from muji: season-your-own potato chips. such a smart idea. i don't know why it's not done here. or maybe i'll just start buying plain chips and seasoning them myself. or maybe even bake/fry some myself. who knows. anyway, you start with a bag of "plain" potato chips. and you choose from 8 seasoning packets. then you shake some seasoning into the bag, shake it around and eat. or you could even just buy the chips and pair them with your own salsa or guacamole or cheese or whatever.

since all the packaging was in japanese, we didn't know which flavor packets to choose initially. but fortunately, the newer shinjuku location had vials of each so we could smell them. we went with the curry flavor and citron pepper flavor. both were yummy, but i preferred the curry.

we still have some seasoning left over since we had only one bag of chips to flavor. so we'll use those on popcorn, maybe.