japan: truck furniture

from kyoto, we made a day trip to osaka. and the only destination on my itinerary, other than osaka castle, was truck furniture. truck actually has two stores within a block of each other. the main truck building is a decently sized showroom for their furniture, with the pieces displayed in several room mock-ups. the other 3-story building, area 2, houses the warehouse, workshop and showroom.

each store welcomed us with rustic little wooden tent signs.

and area 2 even had a coordinating van sitting out in front.

there were at least a few signs around the store asking for no photos, which we heeded. so instead, here are a few fun items from their site. i figure they don't want photos taken since they sell their catalog/book which includes mostly pictures taken inside the store.

you'll notice that they have a rustic and 70s american rec room kind of feel. it doesn't show in the photos, but the store (especially area 2) was very cozy. they decorate seasonally, so they had prickly chestnuts sitting in bowls and framed leaves all over their walls. all the furniture, they make in-house. all the other stuff is just retail for them.